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elettronsea - DESIGN

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The technical office has a long experience in the design of any type of system: from the control panel, to the design of systems for civil homes, to industrial warehouses and boats.

In the nautical sector we plan the laying of cables inside the boat, the positioning of the equipment, the Autocad design of the dashboard panels based on the instrumentation and the electrical panels with related serigraphs and wiring.

While in the civil and industrial sector we plan the drafting of the electrical wiring with the relative sizing of the cable sections and the electrical panel.

The flexibility of our technicians to know how to move from one type of system to another gives us the opportunity to have a wealth of experience that is hard to match, managing to transfer the best techniques from one plant to another.

Working for leading pleasure yards that export abroad, we have the expertise to design plants for the American market that meet the Extra EC regulations.

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